Antalya is the fifth biggest city in Turkey and share the leadership of tourism with Istanbul. Antalya has tourism and accomodation possibilities for 4 seasons all year. Besides culture tourism Antalya provides sea, sport, health, winter, congress, cave, camp and religion tourism with it’s many suitable accomodation facilities.

In the center of Antalya there is a harbour and surroundings called Kaleiçi (oldcity) where you can find many boutique Hotels, pansions, restaurants, bars, discotheques and also churches, historical mosques and antique city walls.

Antalya provides many different sport facilities and possibilities such as football, golf and tennis. There for every year thousands of sportsman prefer Antalya for their trainee. Antalya gives not only sportive facilities and accomodations, also hosts the seminar groups and congresses for those sportive facilities.

The reason many sport teams prefer Antalya is the climate conditions. Especially in winter time Antalya has the temperature between 10 – 22 Celcius and mostly sunny weather condition. These conditions are very suitable for serious trainee of many sport teams.

In season 2009-2010 Antalya entertained sport organisations of football, golf, tennis, judo, eskrim, halter, voleyball, badminton, etc. 39 international, 66 national, 27 national team camp and 45 course and seminar in total 177 organisations took place in Antalya.

Antalya hosted also in 2015 G-20 Summit and in 2016 EXPO.


Belek is touristic town of Antalya which is half an hour distance to Antalya city center. Local population is nearly 5000. There are more than 40 five star hotels and a few four star Hotels in Belek. All of the hotels are resort hotels with their nice beaches, congress and meeting halls, sport facilities and fields, animation teams, huge shows, concerts and so on.

There are many Golf fields in Belek. Golf is developing sport facility and it grows year by year.
There for we can name Belek is Golf center. Every year Turkish Airlines organize the THY World Golf Tournement.

Besides Golf more than 20 hotels have football fields. All year long they are providing trainee, acoomodation and friendly game possibilities for the football teams.

Near by Belek there are historical places like Helenistic Perge, Aspendos and Side. All these places are between 20 minutes and 40 minutes distance to Belek. Perge is an ancient city with its city ruins from Roman Empire, Aspendos is ancient theatre with its 20.000 seat capacity from Roman Empire.

Side is also famous ancient city with its theatre and Apollon Temple at the sea side.